Pledge to the Ancestors


When the sun greets me every morning as it does you, on this land you preserved for me, and all life, I will remember you, I will stand tall hold my head high, walk with pride and treat everything with the respect and consideration it deserves, just as you did.


I will never forsake you, or turn away from who I am who you made it possible for me to be, I shall always retain my honour, the honour that you passed to me and that I shall pass to those yet to come, for that is the way of the People. I shall respect myself, and respect the Mother and all life that exists upon here as you did, I will not bring dishonour to you, or to my family, to other People known or unknown to me, or the People who are yet to come!


And like you I will not assimilate, not for money, social status, or even to save my own life, I will not become a creature who artificially attempts to fulfill and validate myself through repulsive, abusive actions against others, or to become a pathetic mercenary fool who commits destructive, vile acts against the Mother and all life for greedy, self-serving or callous purposes. And when I come to join you, and the sun rises on us all every morning as it always shall, we will smile together as we watch the beauty of the new lives unfold before our eyes, for this is how it has been for thousands of years! And always will!



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