James Learning

James Learning will not be spoken of, or remembered by the people who are responsible for his suffering and upcoming death because it is so easy to turn away.

The ‘settling’ or illegal occupation of North America has been achieved by a great deal of turning away because ignoring the reality is how so many have been trained to function, but not think, no never do that!

The British Aryan Nation in North America which has occupied the unceded lands which James Learning will die to protect has since its creation inflicted genocide upon the original occupants, People, Plant, Fish, Mammal and Bird because they were and are incapable of understanding the difference between want and need!

James Learning being arrested.  Photo by Derek Montague
James Learning being arrested.
Photo by Derek Montague

James Learning knows, he knows the lives who come after his will need to survive and what they need is being destroyed due to the wants of People who put themselves and their lives of privilege above all else.

And who will bear the blame?

Who will be left?

Does it matter?

Do the thirty million occupiers even care?

They must, they have worked to pay for the arrest and incarceration of James Learning just as they worked and paid for the residential schools which is probably where he was educated.

Just as they paid for the media which will not be broadcasting this story to them, its easy right, they have nothing to slander this man with so instead they will turn away for you.

Go to work, watch the hockey, shop ’til you drop, vote every four years and turn away it is so easy.

James Learning is not an Indian but like the rest of us, has been governed by the genocidal Indian Act all his life as where his parents, grandparents and many generation’s before him yet he has retained his culture, his spirit and his honour. Sorry all your turning away did not break him or turn him into a monster like so many others.

He was arrested for protesting yet another corporation setting out to destroy the Mother on his traditional territories, the politicians, lawyers, judges and police performed on behalf of the capitalist’s and corporations as they always do it is an old song, poorly sung and out of tune.

The song ends with James Learning and all the other protesters being found not guilty by the Aryan Nation courts however the politicians, lawyers, judges and police will have all been paid, the corporation’s will have the river destroyed long before the song ends and all this will be paid for by the thirty million plus who chose to turn away.

I know because I’ve sung it myself, with a hand drum, civil matter, lots of cops, forest destroyed, company happy, tax payers on the hook, and I will sing it, I have to, again, and again the thieves run off, the Mother suffers more and the thirty million pay as they turn away towards something pleasant, a heavily taxed drink or perhaps a sale, new shoes helps they say!

Many who pay do say thank you before turning away, but they still keep paying and feeling like shit!

You do understand that those who pay and turn away are subsidizing the corporation in all this! What kind of capitalism is that?

Those who pay and turn away they will also be left holding the bag, and the blame and the shame or their children will or grandchildren that is how it unfolds!

Life was never meant to be easy, we have to work to survive, that is the truth and there is nothing wrong with that, it feels good.

It feels very good to get up greet the day and work together with People to get what you and your community needs to survive, that is natural.

What does not feel good is to get up surrounded by so much ugliness, corruption, greed, mistrust and fear that all one can do is turn away, tune out and ignore trouble is all that we chose to ignore is not real, it is created garbage we could if willing to open our eyes and see could easily be cleaned up and set straight.

James Learning and many others are still in the feeling good category, he knows the meaning behind the Pledge to the Ancestors, love and giving is something that cannot be bought, don’t feel pity that is not what it is about, open your eyes, think and please this time around don’t turn away, help contribute towards a better song for all life it is so easily obtainable, we’ll help you, it will make us feel good and that cannot be bought! 



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