Like the Tree People, our communities and lives have been distorted in an attempt to destroy and eliminate us in order to obtain profit and now we all struggle to try to live our natural lives in healthy ways for ourselves and for our families, this is not easy but also not impossible, actually it is inevitable we just have to search within ourselves to find the energy, courage and compassion to make it happen.

The objectification in order to create profit from destruction which has become rampant on the Mother must end, we must open ourselves up to the Mother and our vast families in order to fight what has gone wrong in the People. People were never meant to make war against the provider of life, health, happiness and shelter for profit, nor were we meant to make war against our neighbours, or each other for the same avarice gains.


When we see the Tree people left to rot we can see what we have become and despite the sorrow there is still beauty, what certain People believe has created this, but those People believe in delusions, delusions are only delusions, they are not reality. What is real is life in its beautiful simple form, we are beings born to mother and father, we grow, learn, share, love, work, recreate life, we struggle at times, then we age and become ancestors, every step on this journey is a gift, a joy, an achievement, we are not, as the misguided claim only valuable at certain ages and useless at others. It is accepted amongst People that we are only useful or worthwhile when we are able to pay tax dollars at maximum capacity. The young, old and disabled are much like the over harvested tree people are left discarded, disregard that nonsense, even if you apply economic logic to the equation it is simplistic and flawed beyond belief, it is simply an equation that will not hold up through the test of time.

People have allowed themselves to become harnessed and blinded by the quest of greed and led down a path of hate, bigotry and apathy, this leads to a life of eternal misery and causes people to waste the one gift, the one real thing you do actually possess, yourself.


We have power, strength, value and beauty at all stages and ages of our journey, not just the ages of sexual and monetary acquirement, those elements are simply weapons we use against ourselves. We need to stop doing that!

Wenaxwstway and chenchenstway are important words I wish to offer you, the meaning of these words is to respect and uphold each other, only by practising wenaxwstway and chenchenstway can we begin to rebuild what we have lost, which is essentially ourselves. The tree people understand the meaning behind these words, they have been slaughtered and treated with just as much callous contempt as we have, yet they work together to rebuild properly, they still understand what a community needs and means to their survival, and the survival of the youth whom they seek to nurture to replace them. The Tree People know that standing alone they are vulnerable, they require all the other trees around them to exist, just as we do, and they are not contemptuous of trees who do not have their qualities, cedar does not inflict hate crimes against the fir as the People have chosen to do.


Our communities sorely lack now because of the effects of the Genocide which has been inflicted against us for many generations, not because of anything any of us did or because or culture’s are or were in any way inferior to anyone else’s. A great deal of us have and continue to lose family, friends and communities to the ongoing attempts to eliminate our people and culture in order to maintain a life style of privilege and corporate control over the Mother and many other cultures that struggle so hard to survive on her. They do this because they long ago lost their way, they long ago destroyed their own communities, families and friends and they feed their empty spirits by stealing, abusing and attempting to pull the rest of life into the abyss along with them, do not go and more importantly do not adopt the same tactics or use them against others even if they have been applied against you. We must continue to uphold the honour of our ancestors by putting a hand out to another in order to pull them back up every time they get knocked down.

Most of us have been raised in and survived horrific abuse, torture and torment, and more of us have not survived these atrocities, and a lot of those who did not survive are still amongst us, dead in spirit, trapped within the cycle of ongoing abuse and misery and for some that cannot be changed.


Our Elders have endured a great deal more of these horrors than we have, some are not able to function as Elders as they should, they are now simply old People but they were not always that way. Some of these People have hurt us, beaten us when we were young and vulnerable, they used alcohol as a means of relieving their own suffering when no other help could be found or offered, and more violence erupted, more suffering occurred and the genocidal cycles were kept spinning all for the benefit of those who chose to commit these acts for their own personal gain. Stop, do not assimilate, come back to the Mother and to yourself, find healthy natural ways, help build good communities that function for the benefit of all life, not poorly created governments, churches and corporations, they are empty creations with no souls or ethics, they are not even real.

For those of us who have suffered at the hands of our own families it is most important that we relearn wenaxwstway and chenchenstway and do not turn on them when they become old and vulnerable as we all will if we are so fortunate. We have to become strong like the tree people, to create forests and healthy forests require young, and old alike, even the dead, the ancestors contribute to the fabric of the community just as they do with us.


Realize that the Elders have a great deal to offer, even the ones who did not survive, it is important to develop empathy, to try to put yourself into their shoes and understand why they became as they did and why they did what they did. Genocide and early childhood torture are difficult components to struggle against, not many of us make it fully back to what we should be but it is wrong to judge, harm and continue the cycles for those who are yet to come. We still have many wonderful Elders amongst us, beautiful, strong and full of wisdom and encouragement, and they are of all races and backgrounds, we are very fortunate we need to look to them for guidance, not government’s built by fools for the benefit of corporations and assholes. We even need to embrace and listen to and care for the Elders, and not in a brush them off manner as the Colonialist do. No matter what your skin pigment or background is if you are a Person you are capable of understanding if you can hear or read the words and think about the meaning of them, even the ugly ones. They will teach us, they have lived through more than we have, they have great knowledge that they wish to share with us and it is our duty to share with them, our time, to provide for them with what they need because that is our way, because we all will become Elders if we are fortunate enough!

Those who began this brought a lot of shame to themselves, and to their children and the generations that followed and chose to behave in the same manner. Whatever has or is happening it is important that you do not also join that legion, you have the right to make a choice for a better life to become a better person and become part of the fabric of a new strong community that works for everything and everyone.



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