angwis aba mpa’os?

a̱ngwis a̱ba̱̱mpa̱’os? means who is your mother?


Today People of the Western Culture participate in one of their ritual holidays which like most of their ritual’s involves the exchange of consumer items  and ingesting copious amounts of food and drink.

Festivities such as this I generally do not participate in, over consumption over goods pushed by the mercantile class do little for my spiritual well being.

That being said I do however have great love and admiration for the Mother, my Mother and the Mother of all life. Today is not her day, everyday is her day and we should take care on every day to admire and respect our Mother, our Life and Home!

DSC04042 DSC04138 DSC04131 DSC04113 DSC04080 DSC04064 DSC03993 DSC03968_2 DSC03820 DSC03815 DSC03783 DSC03778 DSC03746 DSC03731 DSC03725 DSC03718 DSC03622 DSC03574 DSC03564 DSC03554 DSC03539 DSC03536 DSC03525 DSC03523 DSC03499 DSC03427 DSC03263

In light of that I am offering you glimpses of her beauty and if you chose to look upon them, or here throughout your life please do, she is hear to care for you and bring joy to your heart even if you do not do the same for her. She is the Mother and very patient, if one puts forth the effort to learn.



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