ntsúwa7 izá

It may exist however I am not aware of a word in our language that means ‘entitled’, so I have titled this  ntsúwa7 izá which means ‘these are mine’!

Entitlement is a strong word in the English Canadian Language, perhaps the most powerful and now a man called Barry Logan of Canpire is going to re-establish the Canadian People’s definition of Entitlement!

According to Mr. Logan his company services don’t just include suing people. He says there’s an educational message, too.

“Our collective goal is not to sue everybody… but to change the sense of entitlement that people have, regarding Internet-based theft of property.”

The trouble Mr. Logan may encounter during this re-education is that the Canadian People are nothing except a sense of entitlement.


This city for example is built on un-ceded lands and the graves of my own ancestors.


Everyday the residents of this and all Canadian cities wake up and continue their illegal occupation of our territories because they believe they are entitled to do so!


So taking something that is not yours like someone else’s home, territory, culture and history is acceptable, or is it?


The way the Canadian People came to be residing on our territories was through colonialism and genocide.


The result of this genocide and the building of ugly cities on our ancestors graves has cost the poor Canadians a great deal, their precious tax dollars now must go to pay for the exhumation of our ancestors remains every time they chose to build a new shopping centre on the lands they now utilize due to their sense of entitlement based upon their skin pigment and racial background.


The Canadian People’s sense of entitlement is so high that theft is allowed, not only theft but genocide. Murdering innocent men, women and children has long been an acceptable act by Canadians and their Governments.


So once Mr. Logan re-educates you Canadians the new rules will go thusly:

Genocide, if performed against the Indians is still a wholesome and morally correct activity. Kidnapping and allowing our children to be abused and murdered will still be okay, incarcerating those who have suffered and survived these atrocities is still acceptable, and allowing serial predators to abuse, assault and kill the mother’s of those children or even butcher and hang their remains on meat hooks still gets a thumbs up from Canadian’s and their Governments.

Theft is acceptable if it is theft of property or resources found upon the territories of the Indians but theft of other non-Indian property, even if it is still legally the Indians but has been stolen by a Canadian is wrong but only as far as the Canadian’s rights goes.

But now theft over the internet, which will cut into corporate profits is immoral and will soon result in heavy handed retaliation through the Canadian court system. Your huge legal go nowhere system will further subsidize corporations through enforcing, trying and sentencing individuals for committing the egregious acts of exercising the only thing they have, their sense of entitlement.



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