There is a man, although I don’t know him, who wants to make himself known to me, and everyone else, he is spending a lot of the ever coveted money to get our attention with little advertisements like this one.

Picture 1

So I gave him a look, albeit a brief one, I basically glanced at this ad, and quickly discovered he is suffering from hayuxsyuučiƛ!

hayuxsyuučiƛ is about confusion, to wake up confused, and this fellow is surely hayuxsyuučiƛ, but that is very common these days. Although I may be wrong, for all I know this man could well be of the pipk-alh-chayash clan, although he has not identified himself as such, he has identified himself simply as a member of a plutocratic government party so I have to assume that is who he supports and identifies with, a plutocracy!

Me, I am s-kw’etu?, my clan is killer whale, and there is an area on the coast of what is now called North America that is our territory, it has been since there have been people here, and always will be. We love and protect this territory for our own sake, its sake and for the sake of all the children and grandchildren of all the life that will come to live on that territory, and this is not exclusive to a small proportion of the humanoid race, we include all life as our responsibility to care for and get along with.

This man states that our, meaning his plutocracy’s coast, is too valuable to sell, trouble is the plutocracy has no land on the coast of North America, it still belongs to the people and creatures that habitat it, not the corporate elite.

Considering that advertisement and who that man works for and what he or his spin doctors have stated on it, we can now safely assume that man is a liar simply because none of our clans have sold or given our territories to your plutocracies, they even admit to it.


As you can see in this photograph, there is a ferry boat, that in part is the property of the colonial plutocracy here, although we have subsidized this very heavily, all the rest that you see in the photo is un-ceded salish territory, so not part of the plutocratic package. It is also the territory of c̕ixʷatin, saasin, qʷayac̕iik, and countless others, this land is not corporate land, it belongs to the life that lives on it!

So this man’s hayuxsyuučiƛ is very disturbing, or should be, because if he and his plutocracy actually want to claim our territories without any legal right based on, his, our or international law, which he has just done, so he has either blatantly lied because being in the position he is in he must surely be aware of this fact or he is so completely hayuxsyuuči, which isn’t much better!

To be clear I will show you what is the plutocracies and what is the Mother’s.


The shqwun’u is the Mother, we are responsible for its care, a few of the items floating on the shqwun’u belongs to the plutocracies and corporations, is this what that man is referring to as ours?


In this photo we see the a̱wi’nak̕wa̱s which is part of the Mother herself, the toxic sludge which is now seeping from the Mother is there because of the plutocracies and corporations, so this must be what that man is referring to as ours? or Theirs!


The Mother lies beneath this traffic jam, freeway and toxic wasteland, and that for sure is the ‘ours’ or ‘theirs’ he refers to. The part of the Mother that lies beneath it is still salish land, which poses a bit of a problem for him and his plutocracy!


And this rather large gum wrapper is also part of the ours, but once again the place it sits is not, it is ours in that it is the property of the salish Nation, and some of us our not well pleased with the lack of respect you have for that which sustains our lives, and health.


And this crack addicted man crawling on the side of the road is also one of yours, most of the people who live on our territories are part of the plutocracy this man promotes. So why isn’t he speaking about how he intends to take care of your people instead of discussing selling off our territories? Besides isn’t it illegal in his, our and international law to sell stolen property?


And you let your elders beg on the same nasty sidewalks, aren’t you wa’niḵa by this? I know I am!



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