qelensen should not be offered spam!

The cries of qelensen and sqto reached my ears not long ago, just a day or two past, and I was not pleased to hear them because their cries were war cries, and it displeases me when they make war with each other.


qelensen and sqto are breathtaking, powerful and magnificent, you cannot look upon them without awe and reverence.

My feet took me in the direction of the battle, it was not far, and it was as always in the territory of sqto. 


qelensen and sqto have separate territories, they are neighbours, qelensen nests and hunts up the hill, sqto stands sentry over her land, keeping qelensen at bay! qelensen is far bigger and more powerful than sqto so the conflicts are always in sqto’s territory, although he usually takes pains to avoid the area and the abuse that sqto will heap upon him for disregarding protocol and not respecting the boundaries. sqto is much smaller, but is a better flier, clever, brave and she does not take shit from anything!


Sadly both of their territories are now ugly, the people of canada have killed the Tree People that once stood there and even stole the soil that the tree people had long produced for the generations yet to come.


This is done because the people of canada, who have forgotten what respect and honour mean and are incapable of thinking of beyond their own wants. It is an ugly dust bowl where the young tree people struggle desperately to re-establish life as it should be, and where canadian People continue to destroy their attempts and are blind to what really is occurring there.

When I arrive I see qelensen and sqto, but they are not alone, the cause of their discomfort is also before me. He stands with his trusted companion, who is just as poisoned and portly as he, a sad couple, one on two legs, one on four, neither would be able to out run me, if I chose to make chase, instead I sigh in disgust.

The two legged one finally opens his mouth, his companion’s mouth is also open but that creature is simply attempting to breath, his fleshy form allow him to do little more.

“They want that meat!’ the canadian states. “I feed the eagles here!”

Sat within a puddle sits a corpulent pink blob, it little resembles meat in any natural form, it closer resembles the corpulent pink blob of the one who offered it. Maybe it is an offering of his own sickly flesh, it may as well be it is very gross and unnatural!


“This is sqto territory!” is all I offer back, as I wander and survey the situation.

“They won’t eat if with you here.” the pink blob continues, I ignore him. 

I have never understood why it is necessary for the canadian people to state the obvious, especially when they cannot understand the meaning behind their own words. I was not going anywhere, we are not going anywhere, these are our territories!

Soon the comely pair give up, not knowing how to make me vanish, we are not easily eliminated as a couple hundred years of genocide has proven. They wheezily trundle on their way, very slowly, looking back foolishly every few steps while they attempt to catch their breath.


qelensen stays up in his tree, but sqto comes down to me, she knows I respect her territory and qelensen will not attack with me there! But not this time, I will not let her have that shit that sits in the puddle, I love her too much to allow her to eat the canadians garbage. She is so perfect, to imagine her becoming as they are, self poisoned with the toxic offerings of the self-described superior race, to become an unhealthy, sickly creature like them.


I take up the gross blob, it is still frozen, like a grease popsicle, yummy!

Even if it weren’t the very water the canadian deposited it is contaminated, and is making qelensen and sqto sick, it is killing them! Mentioning this misery to the canadians who are causing it through their industry and laziness results in little more than the apathy they are so famous for. 


Too many times have I heard the complacent cold words, ‘that is just the way it is, that is how it suppose to be, it won’t change!’  Canadians are a genocidal culture, who have wrapped themselves in the mistakes and crimes of their ancestors and will happily carry that shame and dishonour with them as they wheeze towards their graves, and they share it generously with their children and grandchildren. Never do they think they are also sharing it with all the children and grandchildren of the Mother, or that they may not have the right to destroy our homes, cultures and lives in order to fulfill their empty souls and meaningless lives.


qelensen and sqto are both capable of hunting and feeding themselves, they do not require the assistance of anyone or anything especially not colonialist’s, qelensen and sqto are far more capable and intelligent than men! The canadian man’s lack of comprehension of this fact does not change this. 

The Mother has provided us with all we need, air, food, medicine, drink, shelter, there has not been nor is there any logic in destroying and poisoning those neccessary elements, yet canadians adhere to that and are killing us all slowly and surely by being so arrogant and cretinous.


Perhaps that canadian believed his intentions were good, that he was doing the right thing, they all accept genocide as a very important part of their culture. Long long ago that man’s ancestors were nothing like him, they were like qelensen and sqto, capable, brave, powerful and awe inspiring, sadly he resemble none of these things now, they have chosen to be weak co-dependant creatures. Incapable of allowing life to exist without their interference, throwing toxic waste into toxic waste aiding in the destruction of all, for what? 



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