It is natural for the people to wish to be si’em’, or well thought of, however unfortunately how some people go about achieving this is often misguided or they attempt to become si’em’ by behaving or doing things which are far from admirable or noble, mistakenly believing that their actions are somehow admirable.


Actions such as destroying forests, earth, water and other lifeforms including the people in order to gain what they believe is important, wealth and power in order to make themselves seem important in other people’s opinions.


The people are also unaware that being si’em’ or hwusi’em, becoming important is only an illusion because the knowledge that a person is si’em’ or hwusi’em only matters to the people who hold these beliefs, they matter very little to the people who do not adhere to their beliefs much less the rest of the life that exists on the Mother, or to the Mother herself, or the rest of the universe for that matter.


In truth the people, despite what they believe about themselves and how hard they are currently trying the people are completely incapable of either destroying or saving the Mother!


The Mother’s fate lies only with the Sun, she will eventually succumb along with him and all life that has, or the record of all life that has ever existed will vanish forever along with her. When this occurs whether or not you consider yourself to be si’em or have achieved hwusi’em is not really going to matter much now is it?


The people are fairly insignificant compared to the Mother and hold laughably far, far less power than that of the sun, yet are incapable of comprehending that they are not masters of all life around them.


The people are only required to do one thing with their lives, live them hopefully without creating misery to themselves and the world around them and not leave a pile of shit behind for their children and grandchildren to have to deal with.


The people have proven, indisputably, that they are completely incapable of achieving even this, people cannot live their lives through without creating misery all around them, yet they still consider themselves superior lifeforms and masters.


This way of life, this narcissistic perception that people hold of themselves has been the outstandingly and clearly demonstrated to me and my people ever since the self described superior race began to illegally occupy and exploit us and our territories, they are a shameful lot. I feel pity for them, to be lost in an illusion of grandeur that one could never possibly live up to, so the violence, abuse, alcohol and misery naturally become a needed part of the equation.


I watch raven, bear, eagle, salmon, mosquito and do not find they suffer from the same affliction, yet the people now consider them inferior.


I know I do not have the cunning of raven, the power of bear, the vision of eagle, the fortitude of salmon, nor the tenacity of mosquito, to them in those respects I am inferior. What seems to have evolved within the people seems to be a superior ego and far too much imagination for their own good, and little else!



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