Beneath the bows of the hpey’ people

hpey'Beneath the bows of the hpey’ people which share the land on which I live, and love, life is rich, plentiful and thriving.

Together we all prosper from that of which the Mother has given us.


It is now tum’kwe’lus and the garden She has created is abundant with all the medicine, sustenance and glorious beauty we require to exist.

sum'shathhut spequm

Happiness and contentment engulfs my spirit as I am offered what I require for the long upcoming tum’huytl, which I know will also be a joyous and productive one, thanks to our Mother.

Our Mother, is not however, an incompetent Mother, she is a Mother who with a loving hand provides to us with everything.


She has given us all we need for shelter, warmth, nutrition and good health, physically, mentally and spiritually.

The Mother has great wisdom, far greater than any of her children could ever hope to possess, although most people are sadly completely unaware of this.


She does not simply pass to me, or any of her other children, our requirements upon a platter, prepared and ready for consumption because this would be harmful to us.

It is up to me to put my own energy into the equation, to rise up and keep myself busy, gathering, preserving and most importantly sharing her abundance with my family and neighbours.


Not just with the people who make up my clan but with the squl’ew’, tsutum’, qutquttsala’, ha’put, que’un and the other children of the Mother who peacefully share our territory with us.

My Mother, Our Mother knows that in order for us to be truly healthy and fulfilled during our short time here, we need to feel worthwhile, independent and capable while at the same time included in the majesty of life which she has created for our well being.


It is up to each and everyone of us to comprehend how fortunate we are for our existence and accept our place as well as her offerings respectfully.

If you live the life you have been with a mandate of greed, laziness and selfishness this will only serve to harm the possessor as well as the Mother and all the rest of us. If you truly believe bleakness and cruelty are a natural part of life, then that is what your life will consist of.


I have watched the misery and hardship people chose to create for themselves all of my life and cannot understand why they would use their energies in such a foolish, shortsighted way. It is up to each and everyone to open their eyes, minds and heart to what once was the way of the people, and what could well be again. Our Mother never intended for us to mire ourselves in avarice and self-destruction.


All I truly have is myself and my honour, everything I need to exist is provided by our Mother. There is nothing else I require, contentment is mine because I know this, I have learned the lessons she has taught me and as such my life is plentiful and rich in this glorious garden we all exist upon, The Mother!

S-kw’etu’?’s gallery can be found at Saatchi online.



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