S-tústus the Hummingbird has long been a symbol to our people of all that is positive upon our Mother and within our lives.

S-tústus comes to us in the early spring, when life reawakens, when the days lengthen and the Mother again begins to reveal her true astonishing beauty and glory!


When S-tústu returns to us it is known to be a lucky and positive sign of good things yet to come, of the upcoming happiness, prosperity that accompany her while she is present during the spring and summer when food is bountiful, and all life flourishes under the warmth of warm rays.

That is how we see S-tústu when alive however the symbolism changes considerably when S-tústu dies. That is a very bad omen, one I have witnessed many, many times in my insignificant life.


The colonialist’s superior, aryan, racist beliefs and actions are working to destroy what our ancestors and the Mother lovingly and carefully created and maintained for countless thousands of years.

Because of the continuing genocide S-tústu, although she may come no longer brings hope and happiness to our hearts.

Sah Sen

This painting illustrates how we exist today.

Until we are again able to freely be ourselves, in our own communities, working together again, as we were meant to, we have no future.

DSC04954 (576x1024)

Until we have all of our children restored to us after generation’s of being denied the right to raise and pass on our culture, there is no future.

Until we are no longer prohibited from protecting our people, men, women and children who are being subjected to ongoing assaults of psychological, physical, sexual natures, there can be no future.

DSC05034 (1024x740)

Until the genocide lists are destroyed, and we are again allowed to be free self-defined people, with all of our families and communities around us again the future does not exist.

When the colonial invaders are forced to stop inflicting the horrors of their genocide upon our people and we are again allowed to recreate our own societies and proper democratic governments where everyone is valued, respected and has a voice which will be heard, the future cannot exist.

DSC05045 (539x1024)

Until this happens time will simply pass by on the Mother. Lives will continue to be lived in misery, with no hope, no happiness, no future, no life at all.

And as I painted, wrote and shared this message with the other people I know full well that in my life I will never see our freedom come to pass but have the confidence and belief that this will not always be as it is. Truthfully, it has not been happening long, a couple hundred years is less than a blink on our Mother’s time-line and despite how some people chose to limit themselves and delay their own evolution by adhering to foolish ideals, as we all know the science of life cannot be denied, one must grow, or die! Eventually despite their reluctance, even the colonial minded racists eventually have to step out of the mire they have created and join the rest of the family. I for one won’t be holding my breath in anticipation of any common sense forming in any self described superior-beings intellect, simply because those who believe they are all knowing based upon fabricated criteria such as sex and racial background, only have firmly closed minds which are far from optimal when knowledge and wisdom is being shared.



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