‘iyus Genocide Day

Presently Colonial North American descendants celebrate and pay respect to their shtun’ni’iws daily through continuing to behave as egregiously as they did, as well as setting aside special days on their gregorian calender in order to come together to celebrate their ongoing genocide of all life and the Mother by rewarding themselves with gluttony and consumerism.

And now one of those very ‘iyus days has come again, so to those of you who are so very proud of your colonial roots, ‘iyus genocide day to you all!

Celebrate and think proudly of all the little copper children who you as your shtun’ni’iws before you have taken from their Mothers and Fathers and have institutionalized, raped, beaten, demoralized, and murdered!

Such a noble accomplishment.

 IMG_0406 (1024x909)

Raise a glass of your alcohol of choice in pride to all the copper women who you have slain, or allowed to be raped and murdered with no consequence. Drink a toast to the women who lay in shallow graves, in land fills, or were hung, unceremoniously upon meat hooks, and who’s families do not, nor will ever know what has became of them simply because in your superior racist minds, we are not people, we are but garbage.

Laugh joyously when you think of all the copper men whom you and your police have beaten, murdered, or left physically disabled and helpless, the men who were not able to protect themselves much less their wives, sisters, mothers, children, and the rest of their families because it was against your laws and your self serving interest.

Hang onto the joy that rises in your heart when you think of that, it is all you really have after all.

And when you greedily consume copious amounts of food produced by the Mother, think proudly of all the toxins, rape, destruction and misery that you have had a hand in creating and distributing in order to thank her for her gift of your life and home.

 IMG_0401 (1024x550)

And when you consume the flesh of her children, who you have enslaved and tortured throughout their lives, just so they would have the priveledge of sitting on your plate on your happy day of self appreciation, smile.

 IMG_0044 (1024x680)

The concept of appreciating and showing genuine gratitude to She that provides you with all you need to live out your life seems to have rather flown over your heads. Muttering a few phrases before gorging yourselves is not, strictly speaking, what showing appreciation for ones life and sustenance is suppose to be about.

Perhaps, for a change, you might instead consider spending your day truly showing your appreciation. Try perhaps cleaning up some of the copious amounts of garbage you have discarded upon the Mother instead of only induldging yourselves. That would be a small step forward, and is far, far better than staying mirred in narcissism and uglines.

 IMG_0185 (1024x793)

Most of you won’t though because basically there is nothing in it for you or nothing that you can convieve of as valueable, like money or possessions. Honour, pride and respect are concepts that are little understood by the people anymore.

Yes, ‘iyus genocide day to one and all of the colonial occupiers of our territories. Bask in your superiority as only you can and do understand or maybe this time at least try to, why I chose not to join you.



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