A’ayut’sa, to try and understand is little to ask, yet seemingly impossible for many to achieve.

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People who have closed their minds and hearts to their own being and humanity cannot understand, grow or live the lives that they have been so fortunate to receive with any joy or sense of fulfillment.


We see, interact and read how vile and hateful some of the human population has become, how they have separated themselves from the Mother, the rest of the Human Children of Creation and even themselves. They spread their misery through violence, racism, sexism and genocide of all life, and they and their actions are now accepted as human, but they are not, they are casualties, and predators, nothing more.


When other people work to try to a’ayut’sa those who do not care, who chose to create this misery sound out loudest. The noise they create is gamut’ala, like the sound of howling wolves on the hunt.

The haxo, the howling wolves creates, strikes fear in the hearts of the listeners, it creates the confusion that is needed to effectively provide prey, to cause the chaos needed to keep themselves and their greed foremost in the formula for control we are all subjected to, they keep the sheep in line and ready for their consumption.


The human u’li’ganux, are not like their natural and beautiful cousins. These human u’li’ganux by closing their minds, hearts and spirits to the rest of the life around them have made themselves willing casualties of the war people through their fear of death and all that is natural, have waged against each other.


They cannot enjoy the beauty of life that is around them, and they no longer want to a’ayut’sa what they see, hear and should feel as people, as children of the Mother.

The human u’li’ganux are not simply gwigwata’la, slow to understand the ways of our Mother, they do not care, they have become casualties, incurable dead spirits that walk amongst us hoping to spread their disease, to pull all into the mire with them.


They are unlike their natural cousins in that they are not benign, they do not take only what they need, they do not limit their numbers to sustainable proportions. They are only like the u’li’ganux in the way they work in packs and use their haxo effectively to keep people terrified, controlled by making them incapable of a‘yu’sala, of achieving understanding.


This fear they create is the greatest weapon they hold, they wield it so effectively that the Human Children of Creation are now so afraid that they do not live out their natural lives with any fulfillment. The only comforts allowed come from corporate u’li’ganux, and those items are not there for your benefit, they cannot make you feel healthy, loved and alive, false trappings of shallow avarice cannot sustain a natural being. Allowing yourself to be led to believe you are a lesser being without something superficial and meaningless, or that your body and person is an ugly object that has to be artificially improved upon is a painful disease to inflict upon others.


There is only one remedy to this disease, and that is a‘yu’sala, comprehension of what is behind those cries designed to terrify and control you, is the only thing that can alter those sounds from being the foreboding threats into the sad cries of the casualties from the mire they have greedily and willingly journeyed into.



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