ƛ̕uu-čiƛ Tseybayotl

To remember Tseybayotl is how we honour her, and Tseybayotl is a Pacheedaht Warrior and Ancestor whom all human beings should be aware of and honour with reverence, deep gratitude and genuine appreciation.

Photo by Rob Baxter

Tseybayotl, for those who are unaware, was subjected to the genocide that the colonial occupiers inflict upon us all throughout all of her life, and it was that genocide that took her from us on the gregorian year of 2007.

Before Tseybayotl was even born the colonial occupiers of her territories had already designed a systemic racial and genocide based plutocracy which they believed would destroy her when she was still very young. They failed.

Her kidnapping occurred when she was very young, it was carried out by the agents employed by the occupiers government to manage their Indian Problem, the RCMP.

Of course the RCMP are ‘just doing their jobs’ right?

Colonial belief is far different than that of Tseybayotl and the Pacheedaht People. Colonial belief is that if you are being employed, or paid to do something, that whatever it is you are doing is justified, no matter who morally incomprehensible it is. Basically in their understanding, based upon what they have taught me, money is the deciding factor, only factor one has to consider and all that matters at the end of the day or your life.

It is this strong belief that created an environment where countless armed RCMP agents kidnapped countless very young children and took them to institutions where they were starved, beaten, degraded, raped, used as forced labour, deliberately exposed to illnesses, where it was known that a high percentage would not survive. This is where Tseybayotl got her formal education.

Now in my own humble, racially inferior opinion, which was passed onto me by my ancestors, it is immoral for armed adults to inflict damage upon small defenceless children for any reason. If one uses monetary gain as justification for behaving this way then they are mercenaries. Choosing to journey down that path is not only harmful to the rest of the children of the Mother but is also very harmful for the mercenary. What the disease of avarice inflicts on People is that long after the money is gone they will still have to carry that shame on their shoulders, and that shame is passed on to their own children and grandchildren in turn. Today children are still being taken away to be destroyed, for their own good we are told. No amount of artificially created economic activity can ever repair the damage that People chose to inflict upon themselves, or on their families, on their food and water supplies, or upon their own humanity.

Tseybayotl was not a mercenary, she is a Warrior who fought with her heart, mind, spirit and body, and her justification was love, love for the Mother and for those who had not yet been born. She did not want to see anyone else have to suffer through the early childhood torture she was subjected to nor the continued destruction of what all life requires to exist for self serving and short sighted purposes.

Tseybayotl is a true Warrior of Creation which is something far more glorious, beautiful than any simple object or cash can replace, in all that truly matters and is real she was and still is far, far wealthier than those who continue to believe they are well off, and are blind to the fact that they are actually destitute.

Tseybayotl lived her life honourably, and she did this not for herself, she lived purely and did not assimilate into a mercenary culture. She strived to live a moral, noble life in order to respect and honour her ancestors, as well as to try to improve life for her descendants, for all  descendants, even those of the mercenaries, and for the well being of our Mother, who we truly cannot survive without unlike created objects like money.

As one of the Sḵwxwú7mesh People, I personally hold this great Warrior very high in esteem because it was in defence of our occupied territory at the end of her life when those mercenary agents came for her again, this time when she was an elder, who’s body was frail and was making ready for her to join our family of ancestors who watch over us.

The land and life on that land she was defending was and still is unceded, which means there are no treaties which give the legal right to our territories and lives to the British monarch much less to the colonial occupiers. We are not, nor have we ever been that stupid despite what is said about us. Would you willingly offer yourself, your children and all you hold sacred to People who have made no secret about their intentions of razing you and your family from the face of the Mother?

Those agents, who work on behalf of those good tax paying Canadians who always apologize but never feel or show any regret, were again paid. Later the ironically named justice system workers were also paid for sending this frail elder and obviously very dangerous repeat offender to a different prison than they sent her when she was a child. This is where Indians are currently sent when they fail to assimilate and dare to protect their rights and property.

Tseybayotl joined the ancestors one month after they sentenced her to prison, we are and always will be still grieving her loss, she is always on my mind because the lessons she passed on to us are so very precious and she will be remembered and respected for as long as people reside on our territory and is an example to all People of all backgrounds of how much power that People have and what really is important.

Tseybayotl you are a beautiful soul, a great Warrior of Creation, you were a beautiful daughter, woman, mother and grandmother, you still bring joy and pride to my heart. I share with you her words through this link.

Tseybayotl ʕuušy̕akšiƛiiʔc



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