Thousands rally in Vancouver against Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline

To my dear readers, I would like to draw this news based blog to your attention and point out that in allowing the carrying forth with these pipelines on unceded territories you will be creating immense problems for yourselves and your children and grand children.

These problems will not only be environmental, they will be economic. Many of you have been led to believe that the genocide against our people is okay and acceptable because your economic survival depends on that, and many of you are dependant on your colonial government, and fear them a great deal. Do keep in mind however that by allowing this to continue you are supporting a plutocracy, you are subsidizing big business and will be the ones left holding the financial, spiritual, ethical and moral responsibility and blame when it all goes awry. It will go awry. The corporations have covered their asses by putting yours on the line. Truth is without our unceded territories and resources you have nothing, so wouldn’t it make a bit more sense to join us and learn how we have always managed to keep it good on our territories, we are human beings, we understand a great deal more than any spread sheet could ever comprehend.


Warrior Publications

 By Sam Cooper, The Province, November 16, 2013

With a decision looming on the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta’s oilsands to B.C.’s coast, several thousand rallied against the proposal Saturday in Vancouver.

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