We are fortunate to be hosting an invited guest in our home, and it is always important to respect our friends and loved ones by offering them our best.

So our honoured friend will be given Stseelhtun to eat, because Stseelhtun is certainly the best.

DSC05764 (1024x768)

The Stseelhtun People have always been highly regarded, respected and important to us. Without them we could not survive, however we do understand that they do not require our help for their survival. Knowing this fact helps us realize who we are, Human Beings are a lower life form who is fortunate to exist and rely upon the higher life forms to sustain and aid us in our lives. Knowing and understanding this is important to all people, it is the fundamental block Human Beings require in order to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. Without this block it is impossible to enjoy the one great gift you have, the only thing you have, your life and time upon our Mother.

DSC05765 (1024x768)

Stseelhtun is very beautiful, far more lovely and sophisticated than anything a Human Being could ever hope to create.

The Stseelhtun People, like my own people have lived upon the Mother and shared our territories with us for countless thousands of years, we once lived fulfilling contented lives. How can you not being born in such a beautiful natural giving environment as the Mother has given us. It not only nourishes the body, it uplifts the spirit with the beauty, challenges the mind with its complexity and supports us communally through the ongoing energy exchange of life and death. It is altogether a perfect a system one that neither a Human Being nor the Stseelhtun People could ever hope to come close to creating.

DSC05723 (1024x768)

The Stseelhtun People are far wiser than we are because they have not, nor will they ever be so foolish as to attempt to alter or control that.

The Stseelhtun People will not ever objectify and categorize life, not their own much less the lives of any of the other very important People who they rely on to exist much less those lives that they don’t our own.

It is wrong to disrespect what one needs to exist, to take from it with contempt and think only of what you get in the taking, or to take it in order to uphold a work of fiction and enslavement which is what the economy actually is.

DSC05727 (1024x768)

To take a life form, to take one of your family and turn them into a commodity is a singularly evil and immoral act.

To further take that objectified life and subject it to enslavement, torture and misery for your own ends is twisted and sick.

The Human Beings have willingly turned their backs on common sense, compassion and healthy living and that is a shame that we should have never adopted.

We shall all die, this is certain for Human Beings, and the Stseelhtun People, even the Mother will one day cease to be. This is natural and healthy, living free, productive and natural lives is the point of having those lives, and when they end our remains are used to fortify and nurture new life. That is what life is for, that is the meaning of that gift, lives should not be squandered, wasted or oppressed.


It is time to re-establish ourselves, to come back to our Mother and family, to begin to learn empathy, to treat everything around us as honourably and respectfully as we would like to be treated ourselves.

If we cannot manage to do this, to understand this we will continue to exist in a shallow miserable reality, our spirits will never soar, we will always be weighted under the shame we have and are creating for ourselves.

The first step down this path is an easy one, it is to develop your empathy through your imagination. To put yourself in the position of whomever is being used in such a manner. To imagine yourself contained within an enclosure for most of your life, to be born in a sterile, unhealthy enclosure, and to imagine your children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and the rest of your family right along side you, or worse not! Imagine you are alone, with no idea where your loved ones are, or if they are any more. Put yourself into the hatchery or on the reservation, or in the foster home, jail cell, institutionalize and commoditize yourself.

DSC05746 (1024x462)

Imagine yourself in a position that your oppressors, those who whole heartedly believe you are only a commodity without feelings or rights will be making all the decisions around your existence for you. They will decided when you live, when you die, where you live, when you breed, if you breed and when you do your children become their property to do with as they wish.

I dare say you would not like that very much, I dare say I do not like it very much, nor do the Stseelhtun People.

DSC05737 (1024x768)

All that we have created is misery, and by creating that misery we are all going to suffer under that oppression. Human Beings are not superior, they did not create the Mother or the rest of the life upon her, and they certainly have no right to claim ownership over her or any other life form.

Stop treating other life as commodities or run the risk of becoming one yourself.



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