It has not escaped my notice that far too many people are lhélhem-néxw these days. That is right they are ‘forgetting something’ very important, they are forgetting who they are, and because they have forgotten they are failing to uphold their responsibilities as people and there is no excuse for that!


There is no excuse for allowing corporate plutocracies and corporate puppets make your decisions and control your fates. People are conveniently lhélhem-néxw, they are forgetting that these institutions and organizations have done nothing except prove time and again that they are not working for you, yet most do nothing but allow it.

People are ‘lhélhem-néxw’, they are forgetting that by applying the rules that your oppressors have allowed you to use against this oppression isn’t really going to result in ending the oppression. You can not vote away a plutocracy by voting for another puppet government, that act is lazy and useless. You can not sign a petition and present it to the bully who is beating you up and taking your lunch and expect it to result in anything more than more of the same. You have forgotten that you have a responsibility to get off your butt and take a stand against the destruction of the Mother, the water, the soil, the plants, the air, the fish, birds and other mammals who’s well being you need to fight to ensure in order to ensure your own well being.

Many native people are lhélhem-néxw, they are forgetting that just because their colonial oppressors are allowing them to wear their regalia, if they still have any, or to sing their songs, if they still have any, that that does not mean your culture and rights have been acknowledged and restored. They haven’t, we are far from that. We have no government’s, we are either oppressed beneath the colonial enforced and overseen chief and council who do not or cannot do anything to help you, many work to continue the oppression and genocide. Many natives are free range, meaning status Indians who are being excluded from their families, communities and rights by the chief and council who have been given the tools to continue the genocide or our culture and use these tools willingly against their own. And a great many are still enfranchised and separated from their families, clans and culture simply because their history and families are still unknown to them and the evidence is either too far buried or has been destroyed so they are forced to remain lost. None of these situations are healthy, we are all suffering still.

DSC05045 (539x1024)

Many native people are lhélhem-néxw, they are conveniently forgetting that what ever few rights you now have were fought for and earned by Warriors who took a stand for you, and who are still taking those stands in order to try help you and all people turn the tide and bring freedom, justice and a restoration of balance to all life upon our occupied territories. Warriors like Davyn Calfchild, the war veteran, who was recently arrested for carrying his nations flag at a recent Remembrance day ceremony. Do understand, that I do know that we are all suffering, that we are living with the effects, trauma however that does not stop us, it certainly does not prevent Davyn Calfchild from fighting for his rights.

Many native people are lhélhem-néxw, they are forgetting that the regalia, songs and dances are but the cream of our culture and perhaps by greedily lapping up the cream while neglecting to work towards unifying and rebuilding the foundations they are hurting the situation we are all in even more. Although I am fully aware how uplifting and beautiful it feels to sing these songs and show my pride in my clan and people, perhaps it would be best if until we become truly free people again we should refrain from public displays of our culture unless taking a stand against our oppressors. To use these songs and to wear our regalia only as true Warriors in our fight to free our people instead of using them to aid our oppressors only serves to aid them by helping them spread their lies, and promote the illusion that everything is hunky dory when we all know it is far from that. You have lhélhem-néxw that it is this spin, that it is these delusions that they use to their economic advantage, they use it to promote tourism, trade, to help them sell our stolen resources to the world. People cannot really help us right this wrong if we are going to continue to further aid our oppressive occupiers.


Perhaps, just perhaps these culturally items would be best put to use in aid of our cause and people. Use them as Warriors, use them on behalf of the Mother, to help free her from the ongoing destruction and poisoning that is daily inflicted upon her in the name of greed. Become Warriors again and use them to fight for justice for the missing murdered people, use them to help ensure that no more women are slaughtered and left to rot under a land fill. Rise up as Warriors for our children, use them to help free the children have been taken from their families, the 14,000 children who are currently in the hands of our oppressors. Rise up and reclaim your Warrior self, use your power, the power your ancestors had and that you have to free yourself and your people from the oppression and destruction. These are our territories, these are our cultures, we have the same responsibilities our ancestors did, to preserve our Mother for the children yet to come, we have that debt. This right can only come about if we first look in the mirror, look within ourselves and reclaim ourselves, once doing this we fortify ourselves and gain the courage to become the Warriors we were always meant to be.

Many Canadian people are lhélhem-néxw very important, they are forgetting that they are the problem. They have conveniently forgotten and continually deny that they are the cause of the misery that native people are now suffering with. They are unwilling to accept the basic fact that we are not a self-genocidal culture. We did not survive for thousands of years on reservation’s, by self-harming, by being lazy, by living off hand outs, or with violence, with sexual and alcohol abuse problems, with depression and high rates of suicide. They have conveniently forgotten that these problems did not exist for us until they came uninvited and colonized our territories without our consent and forced these issues upon us. They have very conveniently forgotten that it is they who continue to judge and condemn our culture, our traditions, our people and are denying us our rights while continuing to live lives of comfort and privilege on our unceded territories and fund their economies through taking our resources without our consent. They have done this and do this without even attempting or ever having taking the time to learn the slightest thing about who we are or what our culture is all about, yet they are very comfortable continually labelling us as ignorant inferior peoples.

Many Canadian people are lhélhem-néxw very important, they are forgetting to listen. They have never listened, they simply insist, either vilely and violently, by their own hands or through the hands of their mercenary police agents that we submit to them. Or through ignorant words, unconsidered words, more of your attempts to assimilate us, to attempt to bring us into your folds, to arrogantly suggest we should all become one people under your culture and your rule! No means no, and it is time you learned to accept that. We have our own cultures, laws, morals, we are of the Mother and content being as such, we do not, nor have we ever needed yours, and that for many of us will not change so learn to accept this reality. Do not assume we are like you, do not assume that we would return the injustice, we are not you nor do we want to be. All we want is what we should have never, ever been denied, our freedom, justice, and rights to govern ourselves and steward our territories on our territories. If this is you, if you are still standing at the sidelines not doing anything, then it is time to ask yourself why is it that can you not comprehend? Why are you allowing this to continue to happen?



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