I would first like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of all the murdered women mentioned in this story which is but a small peek beneath the rug of dark secrets that exists upon our territories today.

If you have a missing or murdered loved one, as many of us do, please be aware that you may find this article upsetting, and may not wish to read it. It was written only to raise awareness of the plight so many of us are now in.

Galitsala, the sound of the screaming echos across our territories only to fall upon deaf ears or ears that do hear but belong to people who chose to ignore the sound, only because it is the accepted response, which works up until of course the screams come from your own lips. But by then it will be your turn to be ignored.

Of course once the galitsala stops, there is nothing more to be done, because the dead cannot defend themselves and are often blamed for their own demise rather than the person who committed the crime.

There are of course people who are paid professionals who’s job it is to hear and respond to galitsala however if the state who employ’s and funds those agents only exists because it has perpetrated genocide on a select racial group who’s unceded territories they currently occupy then the response could become a racially selective one.

Such as in the case of serial killer Gilbert Paul Jordon, who was only charged with the death of Vanessa Lee Buckner, using evidence found at the crime scene of Edna Shade to convict him for Vanessa’s death. Despite the fact that evidence from Edna’s death scene was strong enough to aid in his conviction for Vanessa’s death, it was not enough to convict him for her own. He was also not convicted for the deaths of Vera Harry, Patricia Andrew, Patricia Thomas, Mary Johns, Barbara Paul, Mary Johnson or Ivy Rose, even though three of those bodies were found at his barber shop.

The fact is Gilbert Paul Jordon, a confirmed racist, rapist who was diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder and known serial killer only served six years for killing native women and continued to offend after his release, yet remained at large in the community for most of the remainder of his life. Of course we are expected to believe that the women he killed where all alcoholic prostitutes who were putting themselves at risk and contributed to their own deaths. Except Ivy Rose was gainfully employed at the time of her murder, which is not the case for most hard core alcoholics, employers tend to shy away from them.

Their galitsala was heard and ignored, and now they cannot defend themselves against the racist slander that paints them all as alcoholics and prostitute’s.

The galitsala of the many women who are now on a list and who’s murders are attributed to Canada’s most successfully known serial killer were also selectively ignored and now they too are not in the position of defending themselves against the assumptions that they were the ones who put themselves in that position.

When studying that list of many women who’s galitsala is still being ignored, one name jumps out. That is the name of Nancy Clark. We are expected to believe that Nancy Clark was murdered in Port Coquitlim, even though she was reported missing in Victoria. We are to believe that her murderer went to the bother of by passing the DTES where ample potential victims were at his disposal. He then must have decided to instead out of his way, to get on a ferry, take a two hour trip to an island, then drive to a city he was not known to frequent or even visit, yet somehow managed to find the area where the prostitute’s worked and abduct a three hundred pound adult who was last seen alive after the last ferry back to the mainland had sailed. He managed to conceal that woman for that night, return to the mainland the next day without any of the other passengers or ferry workers noticing this unwilling passenger or perhaps body and return home. Does this seem plausible? The police officer who investigated her case did not seem to think so. Was this his normal behaviour, to kill women in various locations, or kidnap women who resided in areas which were hard for him to access and by having to access public transportation to transport his victims?

Nancy Clark’s disappearance was reported the next morning, she was missed by her family, she was a homebody and it was her daughters birthday that day. She was also one of four missing women who disappeared or were found murdered in Victoria between September 1990 and August 1991. Nancy was the last woman to go missing, she was the only non-native, the only one who’s body has still not been recovered and she was the oldest at 25, the youngest being only 17 years of age.

Despite the fact that Nancy had no connection to Vancouver or the DTES, her named was added to the list of missing DTES women in 2001, ten years after her disappearance and in 2006 the police stated that her dna was found on the pig farm, yet no charges were laid and no explanation as to how that came to be has been offered. As far as the other three native girls who’s bodies were found, beaten and raped in or around Victoria there has also been no charges laid, which is not uncommon. It is safe to assume that it is very possible that their killer or killers are likely still at large and may very well be killing still.

Maybe William Pickton did just coincidentally decide to go out of his usual way to find a victim just after these other young native women disappeared from the exact same corner in Victoria they did. Then again William Pickton took several trips to that city and decided to leave Cheri Lynn Smith, Kimberley Gallup and Melissa Maureen Nicholson behind yet for some reason decided to bring Nancy back to the farm, and then he suddenly went back to the DTES and stopped taking trips off of the mainland. Perhaps it was him who is responsible for the highway of tears murders as well, maybe he is the only serial killer in Canada and we are all safe and sound now. This I doubt, selective racial hearing I believe exists, I have witnessed it first hand.

It is also possible that the killer or killers of the other three took extra care to conceal Nancy’s body due to the fact that she was a caucasian woman and they feared being found out for her murder unlike with the native girls, who were found beaten, raped and strangled and left behind. Without a transparent investigation and trial we will never know the truth, and none of those families will ever be at peace, like so many native people on their occupied territories.

Once the victims galitsala stops, there is nothing more that can be done for them, but their loved ones remain behind and their galitsala rises becoming the sound that is selectively ignored by the agents who are being paid to listen.



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