te síla sháshal

The sháshal, the moon, represents our te síla, our Grandfather’s.

Unlimited Native Image Copyright of ownership is applied to S-kw'etu'? of the  s-tálashen clan and our descendants.
Unlimited Native Image Copyright of ownership is applied to S-kw’etu’? of the s-tálashen clan and our descendants.

Te síla sháshal is as significant and important to us as the lhe síla s-yaykw, grandmother sun, even if he is quieter and less visible much of the time.

Te síla sháshal, although subtle, is an extremely powerful force, it is he who fuels our passion and feeds the Warrior spirit that exists with all human beings and all life upon the Mother. Te síla sháshal is wise and loving, his presence in our lives is constant, he cautiously watches over us unseen most of the time he takes care not to overwhelm us with his powerful spirit, and deplete our energies. Te síla sháshal is the one responsible for the flow of the waters, he is the overseer of the tides, he is the catalyst of birth, he fuels our passions, spurs our sense of justice, and lights our Warrior spirits when we are needed to protect that which we rely upon to exist, his daughter our Mother, the earth and the life that exists upon her. Te síla sháshal connects us to our inner-selves, he connects us with our honour, integrity and determination, he inspires us to love ourselves but more importantly to love and protect that which is around us even more because without the rest of life and the Mother we are lost.


Our te síla is the person who protects us when we are young, he is our guardian and our teacher. He takes us by the hand, when we need it, and lets us go it alone when we are ready, if we stumble he is there to help us back up and encourage us to keep trying, not to give up on ourselves ever. His gentle words guide us, he shows what we will need to know to care for ourselves completely so when he moves on the join the ancestors he will be reassured that those he has loved and protected so dearly will not suffer due to his absence. The te síla’s are gentle with us, but they protect us from those who will do us harm, that is the Warriors way, to not cause conflict but to stand against and fight those who will, to protect all that we love and care about, selflessly, with courage and honour.


The te síla sháshal who fuels our passion and governs our Warrior spirit deserves to be honoured for his gift to us. The way we honour him is to conduct ourselves with dignity and respect for not only ourselves but to all life and the Mother who we rely on to exist. We must take great care not to behave foolishly or aggressively, for this will only serve to bring him shame along with ourselves but as Warriors be prepared to stand and fight selflessly in the protection of others, or for the protection of the Mother and all of her children who are part of our greater family.


This image was created in honour of and to honour te síla sháshal and to share him with the rest of the human beings who he loves as much as he loves me.

I do not create a perfect images, there is no symmetry in anything I create simply because it is unnatural. Long have I studied the astonishing beauty and intricacy of the life that we co-exist with and what I learned is perfect symmetry does not exist, that exacting measurements are not used except by human beings. Using exacting measurements, I believe is a human condition based upon the need to control the world around them, this need has sprung from the fear that we have created through our own ignorance and it is this fear, the fear of ourselves, our lives and our deaths that causes us to behave irrationally, irresponsibly and without honour. The fact that the Mother does not create perfection teaches us that we should be content, that we should learn to be comfortable with our own imperfections and not make ourselves and everything else around us miserable by striving for what is unobtainable and unrealistic.


Like all of my work this piece has been produced in order to pass my culture and my pride of my culture on to you as well as the teachings of who we are and what we still believe. They are also being created to let people know that despite the ongoing colonial genocide of our people and the Mother, we still are here as we have been for thousands of years. It is also to share with the many people of the world part the foundation of beliefs of my people which may soon no longer exist due to the ongoing forced assimilation of our nation from the occupying forces illegally occupying our and other peoples territories, the culture of the Salish people. The time has come to honour all the te síla of all species by re-establishing our Warrior ways as we were meant to and make all of our ancestors proud of us again.



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