Where Does Racial Hatred Come From?

The video states that in the US advertisement’s are being aired which point out that Native people’s do not pay taxes on one hundred and eighty million dollars in income which is a rather insignificant amount when you consider the big picture. As the comedian points out it is a very biased ad which fails to mention a few other important factors like the theft and occupation of Native territories and the European settlers failure to compensate the Native people who’s lives and lively hood which have been destroyed by this occupation.

This is the foundation of colonial governments, which are based on unequal human and territorial relationship’s, and instilling concepts of superiority in a segment of the population in order to dominate and control the people who are illustrated as inferior by that state, for economic gain for the state and the elite.

Canada is an expert at utilizing this spin, they have no choice because their very existence relies on the continued colonial occupation achieved only through continuation of nurturing the racial superiority within their majority white settlers and through the oppression and dehumanization of the minority Native and other non-anglo populations. The Native people who are, as the Canadian government knows and has established in their own courts system, the still legal owners of the territories they now occupy suffer the most from this oppressive system. They however will not do the right thing by removing their colonial government rule from the equation so the populations can get on with re-establishing themselves under healthier and equitable systems, nor do they allow the Native land owners to fuction under their own governments and use their lands to provide for themselves because that would harm the elite who they are part of. So why is there so much racism in Canada is because without their Anglo-skinned immigrant masses anger focused on Native people, or other immigrants of different racial heritage colonial Canada and the elite would not be able to benefit or survive. Keeping the truth hidden and the population’s divided and at odds with each other is essential to keeping capitalism and those who benefit from that system in power.

Keeping a portion of the population ignorant and angry may not be in their favour, actually it is not in anyone’s best interest except the state who is working in the best interest of what, the Economy and Corporations. Victim blaming or creating the illusion that Native people are getting a free ride on the backs of the tax payers keeps the settlers anger at their economic reality focused on Native people and away from the people in control who are actually creating the situation and oppression that all people live beneath on our territories. By maintaining domination this way they are also creating a lot of violence and hostility within society which I have seen repeatedly in the communities, not a very caring system for anyone. Not sure if it is a good idea to convince Anglo’s they are superior and make them hate Natives and other minority people or an act that a state who claims to be acting on behalf of and is sworn to care for the well being of its citizens because clearly it is not. I’ve seen a lot of angry Anglo’s learning the hard way that they are not really that superior when they take a good snot kicking for racially attacking people who are continually being subjected to this unjustified and unprovoked violence by the privileged class. The truth may surprise those who are kept ignorant that Natives and other minority people are even angrier than they are due to not only to being the object of racial attack and violence, being subjected to systematic poverty and in-equality but also over losing their territories, children, parents, culture, childhoods there’s more but you probably get the picture.

The purpose behind creating these colonial systems in Asia, Africa, Australia and all the Americas was to exploit the wealth for the benefit of the European Ruling classes, the elite, who are only exist due to their economic control, wealth and domination of the populations who they are making co-dependant on economic systems forced onto populations by fear and potential violence by that state for failing to stay in line or oppose the systematic oppression.

Creating this racial divide and hostility also ensures that the settlers are kept unaware of alternative systems and governments which really, really is not in the best interest of the elite as we have seen in Iceland. Iceland is an indigenous population of Anglo-skinned people who do not behave as egregiously as other people in other places, their crime rates are low, their lifestyle are excellent and they are not committing crimes against the environment in order to fulfil their energy consumption needs. Iceland did suffer the worst economic and banking crisis in the history of the world during the recent crisis however I see no evidence of them taking it out on their Polish immigrant population. What they did do is allow the privately owned banks to collapse, created a new nationalized system, tightened their belts against the recession and held their politicians to account for allowing the whole mess to occur. Of course you stand little chance of becoming super, stinking rich in Iceland, but you also stand little chance of becoming poor, abused, oppressed, homeless, destitute and can walk the streets safely even though they do consume a lot of alcohol. I am not suggesting we all go to Iceland but perhaps it would be better to bring the Icelandic system here and replace the Colonial system for the betterment of all, and forget about serving the Elite who clearly don’t give a shit about us.

When you examine the crime rates, poverty rates, suicide rates, murder rates in colonial based elite systems you do not find what you do in Iceland, harmonious existence. They are Anglo-skinned people who are not filled with hatred, so racial hate is not a white phenomenon it is a cultural phenomenon instilled in people from Europe by the Elite Rulers long before it made its way to North America, so no it is not other people who are flawed or in error or who are causing you grief, it is your government and your culture. In order for us to stop it we have to recognize it for what it is and not get all bent out of shape around how our feelings are effected by the reality, drop the pigment guilt emotion and denial routines, become a human being, dig deeper within yourself and make yourself aware. Stop buying the spin, you are being manipulated and it is not being done for your benefit, it is actually detrimental even to you even if you do think you are of a superior race and culture. That is just ignorant and that is not racial either, that is something you can change if you put a little effort in.



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