Morality is not a given, but it is something that we are all capable of achieving with little effort and the application of our intellects and empathy.

Honour is something we must strive to achieve and maintain, not only for ourselves but for our relations, our ancestors and for the children yet to come.

Money is a human creation and not a very good one, the concept of wealth or economics being the main or essential requirement we cannot exist with out is clearly a pépúl-énaḵ statement.

Pépúl-énaḵ means deceiving, it means someone has lied.

The crimes that have been and are still being inflicted against the Mother and all life that requires her to exist are realities that should not be denied but are. Pépúl-énaḵ are spoken again and again, repeating a lie does not create a truth, it only allows more suffering and horror to continue, and participating in the perpetuation of pépúl-énaḵ implicates you with the crime and the criminals.

Many people now accept the pépúl-énaḵ as unalterable realities we are powerless to alter, they have been manipulated into wasting their lives pursuing wealth and status for the benefit of a few and at a great cost to all other life. I see and hear people wasting more energy on repeating pépúl-énaḵ that acknowledging the reality and working on creating what it is they require, desire and putting very little effort into working on their honour or morality.

But I also see so many others casting their fears aside and rising up against those who stand to gain by the pépúl-énaḵ, the shame, the horrors and the self destruction does not have to be. We are only people but so are they and despite what they have led you to believe we do have power, we also out number them and we do not have to pay for support, money is not what we are fighting for, equality, justice and peace are far, far more valuable than any item we could ever hope to possess. We are overburdened with items, we are enslaved to them in fact, but equality, peace and justice are concepts we have not been allowed to experience in our lifetimes and unlike all the other those realities are the ones that are truly worth acquiring.

The time to join in is now, it is tomorrow, it is forever, it is the way things should be. Some of us have been working hard for a long time to turn things around, many battles are taking place but the most pressing is the pipeline threat that looms. Please offer your support to the Unist’ot’en to stop the pipelines from reaching the Salish Sea and beyond, please where ever you are do whatever you can to stop pipelines and fracking from destroying our Mother and what we all require to exist, food, water and air. And this will be just the beginning back to the road we allowed money and our own foolish natures to lead us down, no more, we can do much, much better than we are. We owe it to our ancestors and our grandchildren and even to ourselves, be who you are not who you are told you have to be, and respect others to do the same, we will all be far better off in the long run.




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