canada ukraine and the ghosts of babi yar – j.b.gerald

Modern AfroIndio Times

Canadians are also protected from self recognition by the government’s acquiescence to U.S. policies which are war crimes. The Canadian legal community’s lack of challenge and countering the government’s crimes and deprivations of justice to citizen, shares the blame. While Canadian agencies are complicit in the war crime of torturing Canadian citizens, no Canadian government employee has been charged with a crime. Intelligence agency operatives have not been charged with crimes. The RCMP and Canadian Border Services have failed to honour Canadian law in prohibiting entry to Canada of known torturers. The law has been consistently broken by and for the interests of a white European ingroup of privilege.

The Government’s refusal to counter the ongoing genocide of First Nations People, moves a consideration of fascism to its inevitable effects. By representing the interests of mining company policies and corporate interests, by refusing to police and limit Canadian corporate actions…

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