Aboriginal News Group Statement On ‘Operation Protective Edge’ | APNS Novaĵagentejo

x̱elh shen ḵwaliwan

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco


ANG Condemns ‘Operation Protective Edge’ as an Act of Anti-Palestinian Genocide

ANG / The Fourth World / 07.11.2014 — The editors of the Aboriginal News Group (ANG) demand a complete end to the State of Israel’s recent act of colonial desperation codenamed, ‘Operation Protective Edge‘ and an immediate de-escalation to all hostilities levied against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip.

As of this writing, United States (taxpayer) funded Israeli fighter jets have deployed more than 1000 tonnes of weaponry upon an estimated 860 specific Gaza targets within the most densely populated Aboriginal concentration camp (reservation) in the world. This is reported to be far more military material (according to Israeli PM B. Netanyahu, ‘twice the force‘) than was used by the IDF during the Israeli attack of 2012. And this overwhelming use of force is entirely disproportionate to the limited military…

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