This is the real world…

,,,where I chose to be!

DSC07861 (1024x546)

DSC07792 (768x1024)

This is our world!

DSC07708 (768x1024)

Not Theirs!

DSC07700 (768x1024)

DSC07689 (766x1024)

Life was not created in order to compete in economic game playing.

DSC07680 (1024x768)

DSC07591 (1024x768)

Life is meant to be much more than just that.

DSC07494 (1024x768)

DSC07322 (768x1024)

This is the real world!

IMG_0265 (1024x680)

This is the reality too many have forgotten.

IMG_0208 (1024x680)

IMG_0199 (680x1024)

Or have never had the opportunity to see.

IMG_0074 (680x1024)

IMG_0032 (994x673)

Because it is disappearing.

IMG_0424 (1024x680)


IMG_0422 (1024x680)


DSC06178 (1024x768)

The marker in this photo means the saws will come and destroy all you see.

DSC05836 (1024x768)

Which leaves this!

DSC05112 (1024x576)

And what of the life that lives in these territories?

DSC05446 (983x708)

How is this helping them, or us or anything?

DSC05530 (1024x767)

Reality is still here, despite how we try to control and warp everything.Mama Bear (2) (1024x767)

It is no longer acceptable for anyone to ignore the fact that all living organisms are equal and that reality is and was decided the moment life came into your body. No one, nothing is immune as a living organism from the poisoning and destruction of what we actually do require to sustain ourselves!



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