How about Enquiries of Another Kind!

Once again ‘the topic’ has reared its ugly head in the colonial media, ‘the topic’ or this topic that bothers me a bit more than most, ‘the topic’ that even I, a lowly and unsophisticated hunter, gatherer got wind of! The topic being the ongoing calls for a ‘national enquiry into the missing and murdered native women’, that very headline is a clear demonstration of the problem, and the apparent underlying problem of culture, racism and a whole lot more!

First of all they always run the same tedious headline, it is either a ‘do we need’, a ‘we need’ or a ‘we do not need’ a ‘national enquiry into the missing and murdered native women’, story. This never vary’s, just as nothing valid is ever done within Western culture, it is only discussed, headlines and phrases published in the colonial media are written in such a way as to gently indicate that the victim is the problem. Emphasis is always on the fact that it is indigenous women who more often than not ends up horrifically slaughtered in some very often sick and perverse way. This vague passing on of statistics and little information about how this comes to be allows the settler the opportunity to assume that the problem lies with the person who has been harmed was harmed due to their behaving in a sick a perverse way due to their assumed refusal to adopt a proper western culture that they adhere too and thus, and thus follows the same old rhetoric, sexism and well meaning racism that this type of story was published to create.

Not many seem concerned that people, many of them very young are being horrifically, slaughtered or disappearing completely however I will point out that this was true when the purpose of the action was to educate the Indians and the people, all of them very young were being subjected to the same.

Second, I think it is extremely naive to even make such a request and believe it will be fulfilled in any open, honest or truth seeking, helpful to the people kind of way, much less result in any effective real change coming from any colony particularly at this point in time. Have you noticed that the present day nation states of Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand who are part of a collective the five eyes are far too busy spying on their own citizens, and the citizens of the rest of the world, and attempting to colonize and control the internet, they are also extremely busy attempting to maintain the colonial world economic control along with all the horror, misery and terror that requires and are becoming more desperate due to the fact that their fiat money and banks are very soon expected to collapse to concern themselves with much else? Economic game theories, power and control of the masses, that is what lies at the foundation of the Western nations, you are very naive if you think human rights have any room or get any consideration from your leaders, movers and shakers.

Think about this seriously for a moment, Canada is being asked to hold an enquiry into their own nefarious behaviour, willingly and voluntarily, since when has Canada or any of the other British colony’s been held accountable for their crimes, past or present instead of being allowed to continue to commit them? Much less when has any of them ever come clean and confessed to breaking their own laws or committing human rights violations? There has been a great deal of the opposite occurring, lying, cover ups, evidence hiding, corruption, cheating, it is a long list but honest and transparent are not a part of the package. The lack of accountability and a system to protect us from our own government corruption is something that we the people should be holding a serious and long public enquiry into, complete with action and consequences for the wrong doers!

It is already a well known fact that the colony of Canada, the intended North American Aryan Nation, that has been created on the genocide of the indigenous people in order to transfer their resource wealth to the European heads of state whom they acted on behalf of. What can you say of such a colony now, one that deliberately, racially marginalizes these same people, deliberately excludes them from receiving the same care and protection as the people who are not descended from the indigenous landowners and no protection from violent attack or murder. This exclusion from protection is carried out while the colonizers simultaneously are not allowing the indigenous people the rights to sovereign independence or the right to function as a society and offer protection to our own people. The victims are being created by this scenario, they did not chose to be marginalized and excluded, the situation, much like the terms ‘white’ and ‘indian’ are the creations of the colonial settler, not the other way around, natives have little to no freedom on their own lands in present day west.

When has or will the religious institutions going to be held accountable for their involvement and the crimes their members are committing instead of being unjustly allowed to continue the create the conditions for the same acts to continue to be committed? This too would be a worthwhile ‘topic’ for a public enquiry to pursue with the intention to put an end to this and prevent the next generations from suffering from the same horror.

No one ever truly survives being abused, tortured and terrorized as a child, as adults many are left with little save the wrong comforts to console them, drugs, alcohol are applied to stop the memories and control the fear but with them come risk. What we have created for the children are systems of ongoing multi-generational abuse, we need to stop allowing new generations of offenders and victims be created by these systems. No one, no government or other institution has the right to violate or create the conditions where children will be tortured and harmed and get away with it, but this is what is happening.

What we need to be having an enquiry about is the criminals who are committing the crimes and why and how they are getting away with so much and why? How many are there out in public? Does any one know? Actually the answer to that question is only known to some members of the RCMP and some Justice workers, as is the identities of the offenders and nature of the crimes.

The violent sexual offender, as they are known as in the criminal justice system is protected by a publication ban, which means all of their names are kept upon a top secret, hard to access list, impossible actually for all members of the public, journalists and even most law enforcement and justice workers are not allowed to know who they are or access their secret criminal records. The reason they do this is for the protection of the predator, to prevent the known sexual offender from being subjected to stigmatization, marginalization or even vigilantism within the community after the offender is released from custody. This, secret predators list, is basically all the protection people have from known violent sexual offenders because as we see when it comes to their sentencing, oh we cannot see, there is no transparency in the criminal justice system and less in the way of protection of the innocent anyway, that is.

The fact that the justice system functions very poorly when it comes to the needs to protect the public and we also fail to provide for the physical health, well being and care of people much less the mental health care, all these factors contribute to the problem of safety for all people. Predators are smart, they do understand how these pieces fit together and how to make them work for their advantage, whereas most Canadians are oblivious to the realities and completely unaware as to the dangers in their communities.

You see one of the other factors that occurs when the media runs stories that tell people that high numbers of native women are being slain, they take it as meaning the numbers of other women being slain must be relatively low, or they by the fact that they are not indigenous to the colony that they are considerably safer. This is not so, actually many people of all ages, sexes and cultural back grounds are being murdered however the fact is that the murdered indigenous women are not being targeted because we are brown, or by our racial features, that has been stated several times and ignored by those who in insist on applying only the standards of their own culture and by wearing their race goggles. I know that this is not so because we are not a racist culture, in fact our dislike for inbreeding and refusal to do so kind of makes it impossible for us to stay exclusively all the same shade, and I rather prefer it this way than the other. The actual reason indigenous women are more likely to become targets of predators is because despite what they look like to the rest of the world due to our ethnic heritage and ancestry we are more likely to be marginalized and at risk due to factors that have been created by the colony and are being applied by the colony. The government intentionally impoverishes the native people who’s lands it occupies and enriches itself by, basically if you don’t have bus fare or a home even you are at far greater risk of being harmed. The poor are at greater risk of being victimized and harmed so the racism that is getting us killed at higher rates than the rest of the population is coming from the government itself and when you consider we are talking less than four percent of the population the cost or savings in setting things up this way is miniscule. The economic cost to the government that is, on the other side of the coin the actual cost in human life and suffering is massive. Now that the poverty rates are growing massively, all the children, not just the Native kids work for wages that don’t even begin to meet their basic needs and expenses, and what of them? What of anyone who fails to keep up with the massive increases in inflation rates and other economic realities that these government’s have in store for you.

Another important fact too is that most of the slain native or deliberately marginalized women and girls where murdered by people who they did not know so what these numbers tell us is that there is a lot of predators out there just waiting for the right person to come along unaware at the right time and that is something it is best not be ignore or pretend is not the reality.

And finally what we really truly need to be having an enquiry about is the very people paid to protect all of us, those police forces. Do you know in my half a century or so of life I have yet to meet another fellow human being who does not hold the police in complete contempt and with utter loathing so perhaps the time has come as to hold an enquiry into why we continue to pay to have them around. And that is not just us folk on the rez that feel that way I mean people who live off of the rez like doctors, lawyers, dentists, computer programmers, electricians, soldiers, the list goes on, and on, well all of these people have had extremely negative remarks to make about cops. There is more than good reason for this dislike, this reasonable and justified fear that people have of the cops. The fear comes from the fact that those protector’s rarely if ever do offer protection or much bother to obey their own laws or do their own jobs properly or respectfully and more often than not do harm to those they are suppose to be protecting.

Why do we employ thugs to terrorize us and think it is a good thing? Once again perhaps this is something that an enquiry could address, at the very least it is something to mull over and perhaps consider not allowing or the having common sense of creating and using systems where individuals are held to account for their crimes despite their professional, political, sexual or racial backgrounds working for us.

And on final note, and the most important, I am not denying there is and always has been a serious problem with racism and human rights as far as Canada goes however do keep in mind that the missing and murdered people were loved and very much are missed. These are our Mothers, our Sisters, our Cousins, our Aunties, our Nieces, our loved ones and the reasons they are not with us any more are horrible, unjust and above all they were not responsible for what happened to them and the last enquiry that was held did little more than outline and ignore the facts, failed to deliver consequences or bring about even the slightest bit of good, but once again was difficult and painful for the survivors to endure. The time is long over due that we change the subject and tone we address it with in order to condemn those responsible not those who have and are already suffering.



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