?úl-nú-msh-chálap , kleko, gracias, merci, danke, xie xie, спасибо, mahadsanid

This post, as you may have already picked up on by the title, has been written to express my deep and profound gratitude to some very lovely and astonishing people who have made my heart sing and me very, very proud of them all.

I would like to offer my gratitude to the people of Elphinstone Logging Focus and The Sunshine Coast Conservation Society and other brave individuals who recently prevented the clear cut logging which has been destroying the watershed in the never ending saga I know as ‘the ongoing annihilation of our unceded traditional territories’.

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Not long ago, just a few short weeks I walked the creek bed where the salmon spawn and took the photos displayed above. Yes that is the remainders of a vehicle rusting in the bed in one of the photos, it was as I recall a common reality, people discarding their vehicles in such a manner, this is the wrong thinking we are still dealing with here. I can find no end to the contamination and contempt for life itself on that coast, and it is not just done by corporation’s, private individuals are doing more than their fair share of failing to comprehend that it is not wise to pollute your own food and water sources.

Now last year I posted a few photos of the salmon run in the same creek but will be unable to do that this year simply because salmon cannot walk like I can and the lack of water has made it completely impossible for them to swim, to spawn and renew their life cycle.

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From what I have observed logging practices in this area decimate large tracks of land, they destroy the trees, their roots are torn from the ground and the plants growing beneath them are also destroyed completely. Once these delicate systems are removed, the waterways, the countless trickling creeks and streams which formerly wound beneath the great trees roots and wove their ways together and towards the great ocean. The removal of these forests removes long established waterways so now the water that falls no longer flows where it is needed, it shall fall and be absorbed by the sand which is the foundation and all that remains left after the logging is done and everyone has been paid or paid off, and as things are left, it will take many, many generations for the trees and the watersheds to re-establish themselves. In the meantime however, especially with the increasing precipitation that is occurring it isn’t an optimal situation especially for the people who reside at the base of the mountain. And one cannot over look all the excellent additions that are put in place of the forest that once stood there.

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Also I observed that the other animals behaviour had altered, there was a lack of deer and elk as well as other natural food, yet an abundance of wolves and coyotes who were hunting ever closer to the communities that the people lived in, availing themselves of what was seemingly becoming the primary food source, dogs and cats. You know I tracked vast stretches of that land and rarely came across the tracks of the deer and elk, but I did find ample evidence of dogs, big ones, small ones, fat ones and very skinny ones like the one in the photo below.

DSC06976 (800x600)


The puppy skull which I found under an eagles nest where Mom and Dad had brought it for the kids. And what would you have them eat after all the natural food sources have been decimated in order to maintain economic game playing, and yes it is simply just game playing which everyone who has the slightest concept of what economics is, understands completely like you do right?

This saga has been playing on unabated for many generations now and this foolish economic game playing, which is designed to produce petro-fiat dollars and create global inequality, suffering and misery so a few humans can hold up one finger from time to time and spout out that they are number one or some such nonsense which of course we are told and expected to believe makes it all totally worth it.

Except of course, most of life is not interested in the ego’s or delusions of superiority that of a some humans have become blinded by. The eagle, bear, coyote and even a few humans like myself are not only disinterested, we are actively working against it as we should. There are presently much better systems for economics being applied, sounder ones which fall into line with my own indigenous beliefs and ones I do not have a problem with being applied upon my territories, but what is going on presently I do and I do repeat these territories are unceded and as such still the property of my family and I am not a ward of the colonial state or the British Aryan Nation and I have never, nor did my ancestors request their aid in managing our lives, lands and communities. Band councils are NOT, nor have they ever been OUR government’s, they are the colony’s agents!

The fact that most humans who are in a position to do anything about this won’t simply because they are befitting from these crimes and I expect this will continue until either the economy collapses hard or total environmental annihilation hits, both seem to be about to occur almost simultaneously thanks to the mass delusions of a subgroup of one species. And when this happens, when the bottom falls out again, and the house of cards collapses completely you too may find that your dog or dogs in general suddenly looks very appetizing, and bear in mind that that dog, or those dogs will be thinking the same thoughts about you too!




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