xwá-kwt s-ʔíy!

Now I am going to tell you something that certainly is not a secret and definitely is not a lie.

This …

IMG_0407 (1024x680)

has no nutritional value!

What this is is fiat money, fiat money has not only no nutritional value in fact the only value it does have is the value your government’s, their banks and institutions have told you it has. Beyond their re-assurance which is not worth much this stuff is completely xwá-kwt s-ʔíy! It is worthless!

These monetary notes, much like all the rest are all pretty much basically useless except as a decorative commemoration of white supremacists, past and present, which personally does most of us little good.

Actually fiat money, or petrodollar’s are the root cause of all the suffering that we are all currently enduring. To believe in the power of this petroleum by product, only can result you yourself having no power of your own and please do not further delude yourself. I am a human being, I have the skills to produce this stuff, although I don’t and I also have the skills to manage this trash, but I do not because I know it is not a healthy or reasonable use of what is real, my life upon our Mother. We are creations of the Mother and our skills cannot nor will they ever equal much less surpass hers, and if you truly believe that male humans have the god or other deities permission to defile females, including our Mother then my advice is that you should seriously seek professional help now.

Many human beings are unwilling or perhaps are now indeed incapable of comprehending this, they are thoroughly and completely under its control which is a very unhealthy place to be in. This is due to their having been myopically, racially segregated from other people, cultures and alternative systems, of believing in their own superiority to the extent that they simply refuse to even consider anyone else’s point of view, or that anyone or anything else has the right to any rights at all, much less the same rights that they do. They are so entrenched within the delusion that they have become vile and dangerous to all life including their own. Money is the tool of your enslavement, money is what is being used to fuel the racism, misogyny and the ongoing wars of terror that all of us Westerners have been participating in on behalf of the holders of these xwá-kwt s-ʔíy notes. Fiat money, in my experience, is the tool of the assholes, and the people who covet it the most are undoubtedly the worst assholes I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Now please do not believe me on this, research this yourselves and form your own conclusion’s because that is what you should be doing, not sitting back waiting for other people to think and make your decisions for you!

This …

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is hénun!

Hénun has a great deal of nutritional value, hénun also has great spiritual value, hénun is an instrumental part of your life, and if hénun’s did or could no longer exist, neither would you. Now I want you all to understand that all it took for me to obtain hénun was my own effort, I simply picked hénun out of the river without any aids, without any advanced technology I had to purchase via a convoluted capitalistic retail, marketing, or fossil fuels, and I am a disabled human being, so it is just that easy for us to feed our children and families, or is suppose to be.

DSC08405 (800x600) (800x600)


So why do we treat hénun like this yet apply value to something xwá-kwt s-ʔíy like money?




2 thoughts on “xwá-kwt s-ʔíy!

    1. First ?úl-nú-msh-chálap jilted ex for the comment and more, for having the wisdom and courage to create such a powerful blog yourself. You are right would with out a doubt become wealthy without money because ‘wealth’ is suppose to be measured through quality of character, community and living our lives in a sane and productive manner for the benefit of all! Hording items of no value where never meant to be part of our society, that is an unhealthy and unrealistic foundation for any culture to adopt.

      Economics is based upon ‘game theories’, it was designed by spoiled elitists in Europe for their own personal gain and control. Economics is now little more than a competitive sport, the object is to go in and win the game by destroying your competitors to prove you are the best, smartest and superior person, and everyone will bow and scrape to you and you will live happily ever after, but no one else gets too enjoy theirs.

      This is very bad logic, and in truth will always fail, and has many times but it is always propped right back up and onward downwards we go digging ourselves deeper into debt, despair and disharmony. Why?


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