Wiʔak means I am angry, view the following video to find out why!


As you see in the video the agent of the state the RCMP officer is blatantly breaking the very laws he is being paid to uphold.

This link will bring you to the Canadian Constitution of Rights and Freedoms which begins like this.

Photo one charter rights

The Fact is, the people in that park have every legal and ethical right to be there and the RCMP are violating the very rights that Canada is paying them to uphold. Basically the Fundamental Freedoms Canada has designed for Canadians protection and security allow you to openly express yourself, ergo it is not against the law to tell a cop to fuck off if they are in your face like these paid by the Government of Canada agents are doing in this video.

Legal Rights

Also the RCMP blatantly violated the Elders rights but also all of the people in that park’s rights simply by being there, the people there are not in violation of any criminal laws so the police have no business up there. You have to wonder about a society and government that pays agents to violate the rights of the very citizens they claim to be acting in the interest of because clearly they are not! You see even when the corporate lawyers finally find a justice that will sign an order allowing police to address the protesters and other citizens who chose to use that park for recreational or spiritual reasons, that civil order will also be a violation of Canadian Law!



This clause, within the charter, is a reaffirmation of the fact that aboriginal land title does and always has existed, and always will. Now because of the State of Canada, the Government of BC and the RCMP’s own actions that Elder, who is the titled land owner and all of those people have the grounds to sue the state for violating their rights. And they will win their cases against the state for knowingly and willingly violating their rights!

This is all being done and supported because it is for the good of the economy they say, the Canadian Government’s debt’s are only a mere 4.1 trillion dollars after all and basically with the lack of and broken treaties they don’t actually have a pot to piss in, much less the means to pay that RCMP officers salary much less his pension.

It what you saw in that video makes you wiʔak as well, if you do not think that a much larger, violent armed agent should be attacking the disabled for Queen and country then please support these good people by contributing to their legal defense fund by clicking this link http://www.gofundme.com/gkxn9o

or go, in person and help them out. This is a link to their website. http://risingtide604.ca/

Also that RCMP officer is a fine example as to why most people, especially women Do Not report criminal acts to the police. What most people tell me is that after being violated and traumatized they would never, ever talk to the police here simply because of what you witnessed in the video.



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