máy-alh ḵwál-iwan

This is the genius Gary Davis, his song expresses the máy-alh ḵwál-iwan culture in North America.

Máy-alh ḵwál-iwan is a she shashishalhem word that predates the present culture and language by thousands of years. The word and its meaning are not obsolete, they are in fact very relevant today, the meaning of máy-alh ḵwál-iwan is to be cruel, small minded, mean spirited and dysfunctional. That is the North American culture as I have come to understand it.

From what I am hearing and seeing North America is still as máy-alh ḵwál-iwan today as it was when this song was first sung, and if this song or one like it was composed today, it would still most likely be appropriated from the artist and profited from by those who commit such vile acts. Taken away from and never understood which is the problem. The Western norm of taking what is dearest and nearest to other human beings and degrading them for ones own shallow reasons. For avarice. This is art, art is not a commodity, it is an expression of humanity, of the spirit, or emotion, intellect and truth.

The systems we struggle beneath are still as máy-alh ḵwál-iwan today as when these systems where designed and that is no lie, states that employ people to kill its citizens children are máy-alh ḵwál-iwan, but thankfully will soon be ending. We are in a paradigm shift which cannot be reversed, what was is no long do-able, it was never sustainable and natural law will win out in the end. Our presence is not required you know, we are just a really bad part of a much more magnificent reality. Sad so many cannot comprehend something so simple and relevant.



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