Little Racist Town on the Prairies


I grew up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Racism exists in Saskatchewan, and Canada, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s a country that will grant someone citizenship with all the rights and freedoms, and yet many Canadians think that for the ‘welcoming ceremony’ the right of religious freedom should be stripped. Many are open about their racism. I’ve worked with people who made it clear that I shouldn’t talk to them and ‘keep my place’. I’ve been subjected to threats and violence. I’ve been intimidated with firearms, including having them pointed at me. Fortunately I have never been shot at, but it has happened to people I know. Someone close to me was fired upon from a bridge while on the water in a canoe — an insanely frightening situation without escape. Fortunately the perpetrators seemed drunk enough they couldn’t hit their target. Often acts of violence against me (like being…

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