Daniel Alphonse Paul

High doses of colonial violence and early childhood terror does not bring out the best in a person funnily enough and that holds true for this person. Daniel Alphonse Paul who also goes by the name Sonny is someone that we are very much interested in locating because he really needs to be explaining to us why one of our family members has been murdered!

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This man, was already considered a dangerous person who I have been informed has had a long history of violence, especially towards women.

Despite this being known to police and the criminal justice system, a woman is now dead and her children have lost their mother.

It is not hard to imagine that now that that previously very dangerous and violent person is out there at large and considering the circumstances, is presently extremely freaked out.

He is now a potential threat to everyone.

Nothing ever happens until it is too late, and who will be next.

If you see Danny, or any of the other extremely violent human beings that are out and about amongst us today and everyday, do not even try to be a hero, run because that really is the only thing you can do before it is too late.



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