Please take some time to show your solidarity with the Heiltsuk People!

Presently the DFO office on Coast Salish Territory is being occupied in solidarity with the Heiltsuk Nation who are currently occupying the DFO office on Denny Island, due to the DFO’s allowing the opening of commercial herring fishing on Heiltsuk traditional territorial waters. The Heiltsuk refuse to allow this to transpire in the area the DFO refers to as area seven because the area has already been seriously over fished.

One of the protest organizer’s Dave Cascagnette has taken the time to pass on the following message from the Vancouver protest site! Cops let us know they support our protest and just would like to be informed if we take the intersection again so they can reroute traffic. They were very nice. Security has not told us to leave either. Area 7 is still considered open and the Heiltsuk are still occupying the dfo on Denny island and plan to stop any commercial fishing boats with their own boats. Thanks for all your continued support. All are welcome to come by and if someone wanted to bring some healthy food that would be much appreciated. Also I would like to acknowledge that we are on unceded coast Salish territory. Thanks everyone.”

The fact is that police actually have no other option except to support this protest because this protest is legal, it is taking place on public space and the police are being paid to protect our charter rights and freedoms at all times, including when we are peacefully protesting against the state.

It is shocking to me, that so many people are completely unaware of this.

IMG_0425 (1024x680)

Extinction and colonialism do go hand in hand, I have always thought it very appropriate that a dead leaf was the symbol that Canada chose to represent itself, it also represents the short sighted thinking of that nation. Economics = hegemony, petro-dollars, nuclear arms, cold wars, wars, invasions, murder, torture, pollution, terrorism, exploitation, consumerism, racism, sexism and don’t even get me started on how copyright and restriction to intellectual creativity and sharing are failing us.

Basically there is no denying that we have collectively created this absurd reality and collectively we have the responsibility to fix it, not continue to destroy the elements of life because of the desperation we feel over the delusions we have created and our collective failure to comprehend the control mechanism that money is and how we willingly allow our society and all others to be enslaved by it. Basically it is my belief that willing participation in Non-Co-operative game playing is not the path to cultural or societal enlightenment, it is the path to ruin.

What so many people fail to comprehend is that Our Democracy Needs You To Participate In It in order for it to function! Nothing will improve otherwise!



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