Some thoughts about stalking and Native American People

There are some excellent statistics provided here by Retired Detective Mike Proctor regarding the higher probability of indigenous women being stalked in the United States.

One of the primary reasons I can claim to be a survivor of a violent predator instead of the victim of one is because I was fortunate enough to come across Detective Proctors work and the knowledge he provided was exactly what I needed to protect myself and my family from serious harm. I very much recommend everybody read what this man has to say on a very serious topic that we cannot afford to ignore.

Stalking Detective’s First Aide for Victims

Recently, I signed a contract to teach a segment on stalking and threat assessment  for  three of six stalking symposiums produced by the CDAA (California District Attorney’s Assn.) The symposium’s attendees were district attorneys, law enforcement, and victim advocates. Each one of the district attorneys at the conference was given one of my latest books Antidote For A Stalker as a guide. Due to the fact, that I am part Chocktaw and Chickasaw, I have always been interested in the ways of the Native people not only in North America, but elsewhere in the world, for a variety of reasons not the least of which is the fact that in my opinion this is a segment in all the world that is too often under-served by law enforcement.

One of the presenters for all six of the symposiums was Yeshelle Sparks. Yeshelle is the Tribal Advocate Regional Coordinator for…

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