Recently I experienced the good fortune of being a guest at the village of Esowista. My time in this location was especially wonderful because my host’s, the Tla-o-qui-aht people treated me with the same honour and respect that they have given all of their invited guests for the past ten thousand years.

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Esowista is now by far one of the most beautiful areas on our Mother, although not long ago most of our territories were much like this. This area has been under threat since the colony came into being, and you can hear the chainsaws in the wind and the expansion and destruction continue relentlessly despite the lack of treaties and fact that these territories are unceded indigenous lands.

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Even here, in this remote area, where there is still a little left of the Mother’s beauty intact you can see the pollution on the horizon. Even here you can see the smoke, the death rising from what where once forests flourishing with life.

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And even here the toxins in the air cause the sun to rises red in the morning, a pretty yet terrifying sight to behold. Feather


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