Please Support ‘A Voice for the Voiceless’ Reoccupation of Unceded Occupied Native Territories.

Szuhmins Xwisten Statimc Tmicw,

Since time began the Xwisten people have been living on and protecting their territory.

Since March of this year some very courageous Xwisten people left their homes and lives behind in order to physically protect their unceded territory and original village sites from the ongoing desecration from logging company. I encourage you to watch the videos so you can see the situation and listen to the concerns of the Xwisten people, all we have to do is listen and their voices will be heard. hosts a map that has been created by the Katzi born settler Victor Temprano, who took it upon himself and designed to teach Canadians about the native territories, native languages and treaties between nations because it is fairly important information that needs to be shared. On this map you will find the Xwisten Statimc territory by the West Coast, it is a blue area just above Vancouver. Now if you check the Treaty option you will find that in the territories of the Xwisten people, do not have any treaties and if you want to know more about what this means Tyler McCreary explains it for you here.

The Xwisten people, like all other people since colonization, have been constantly engaged in struggle of survival. The threefold struggle is first a survival of person, second survival of culture and thirdly but far from least important is survival of lands and the life upon those lands. This declaration from 1911 is just part of this ongoing struggle against the occupiers that continues to this very day.

The reoccupation is taking place because that is the only way available to stop the desecration, the moment the site is vacated even for a moment, the loggers machinery will return. The Xwisten people do not consent to have their original village site and history destroyed and I cannot say that I blame them for wanting to prevent that from happening.

Christine Jack and other volunteers are presently upgrading the camp by constructing a cabin which will house the volunteers over the winter. In order for this initiative to succeed they need help, they have a fund raising campaign but are also welcoming volunteers, supplies and food items. Basically please share and contribute anything you feel you have a little extra of, do not limit your sharing to just money, ones time, skills and efforts often prove to be far, far more valuable. You can also help them by becoming politically involved, by adding your voice to the growing number who object to industry being permitted to destroy people’s lands and history. Even just sharing their message as I have done is helping, spread the word let others know, it doesn’t cost you anything to help people become aware the Voiceless must be heard, the Xwisten have been ignored too long and you could very well, very soon find yourself in the exact same situation.



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