Attempted Assaults against Land/Human Rights Defenders


A peaceful anti logging blockade on unceded Shishalh territory has been subjected to ongoing assaults and abuse from person or people unknown. This blockade was destroyed by an person or people in a vehicle, fortunately none of the land defenders have been harmed so far.


This blockade which has been personed for over a month has been constructed due to an ongoing, fifty years, problem with logging in and around watersheds which has been destroying the terra firma, causing landslides and is destroying the fish habitat and spawning grounds.


This fifty year problem is the result of colonial occupation of unceded indigenous territories, which is the root cause of all the discord, genocide and corruption.


The blockade is only protecting a small area which is within the water shed, outside of this area there is a great deal of active logging taking place unimpeded yet the assaults and threats against the community and land defenders continues unabated.


The land defenders have been subjected to theft and destruction of property as well attempted assaults which fortunately failed. The person or persons unknown have been attempting to run down the activists with their vehicles, fortunately so far only the blockade has been damaged as it was yesterday.


Both the settler and indigenous communities are suffering due to the water quality, quantity issues that the logging has caused and have been actively fighting against this for fifty years now, to no avail. The blockade has been created and is supported by the people who live here so it is suspect that any local person or people would attempt to destroy what has been created to protect them.


These practices have already destroyed the salmon spawning beds, which due to the low water levels caused by the logging cannot be accessed by the salmon anymore. So oxygen, food and water are all being destroyed in order to fulfill human greed and ego, yet we claim to be a superior life from, when it is quite obvious that by willingly destroying the basic neccesities of life in order to fulfill fantasy’s we have constructed about ourselves that we are not.


The following photos of a still standing forest near the watershed will give you just a little glimpse of what will no longer exist thanks to human kind!

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