Rescuing Kwáḵwíy

038Kwáḵwíy was sitting quietly, too quietly which is what drew us closer. We sat by ḵwáḵwíy calmly, trying to determine what was the matter without frightening them. 069Soon ḵwáḵwíy rose to stretch and we quickly discovered what the problem, cords were tightly wrapped around both legs. 071We worked together to remove the cords, remaining calm and working quickly so we would not distress ḵwáḵwíy anymore than they already were. 076Kwáḵwíy was not happy and bit one of their rescuers several times, but none of us could really blame ḵwáḵwíy for this, I would be in a nasty mood if I was suffering that badly. 072It was sickening to see how deeply that cord had cut into ḵwáḵwíy’s leg, almost right to the bone. 078After ḵwáḵwíy was freed they flew a short distance to the water and set to washing themselves but none of us are sure if ḵwáḵwíy will survive but we are hopeful. 204Personally I have a great respect for ḵwáḵwíy, we share the same territory. Sadly due to the reality of modern life and loss of natural habitats and foods, more and more of them forage in landfills along with the eagles and ravens which is far from ideal. 169Please take great care with what you send to the landfills, remember it is now a source of food for many creatures.No one knows for sure how many of these beautiful and important creatures suffer and die to this failure in humans to comprehend the potential harm that something seemingly benign can cause. This happens far too often so please take the time to properly dispose of all cords, wires, strings and ribbons by cutting them into tiny little bits that cannot become entwined around the legs and wings of ḵwáḵwíy or any of the other beautiful creatures we share our Mother with. 044Ulnumsh feathernew


2 thoughts on “Rescuing Kwáḵwíy

  1. My friend Louise and I used to work outreach together, we were hanging in her back yard when I noticed a common small bird seemed caught in some bushes. We’d go and investigate gently and found it had threads wrapped around its small toes, and some threads had grown into cracks between the toes. We worked together by me holding and her cutting away the threads, Louise did a great job. It flew off relieved. When visiting the back yard I was sure that bird came and landed close by me a few times, we recognized each other. My friend would be in Paris the following year and also help a pigeon in the same state, to the chigran of passes by, removing the tangled thread from toes. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for sharing and for what you and Louise did to save the little bird. Spent the morning cleaning up trash off the beach, like most mornings. It gets depressing, and makes me ashamed to be human.
      Best to you and your new feathered friend. Love your blog thank you for all you do.


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