Cacim hihak k aa

Welcome to the page and world of S-kw’etu’?, my work reflects my pride of my Skwxwú7mesh and Shishalh ancestors, and appreciation of the gift of my life and the Mother without whom we would not exist.

It also reflects the genocide of our cultures, of our people, and of our Mother, the earth, the destruction of everything that we, as people, are naturally meant to tulxw-at, to defend, protect and preserve for future generations of all life even the lives of the human beings.

No one should have to live under the oppression, racism, sexism that we have been and still are being subjected to. For the past few hundred years, since the ‘avaricious people from across the waters’ discovered that our territories were still pristine and healthy, unlike their own and set out to ransack and destroy them and us as well.

Many of our family members have been slaughtered, and still are, many have been and are institutionalized and abused from a young age and much of our artwork, has been forcefully taken from us and destroyed, and we were long forbidden from sharing our songs and stories or holding our ceremonies however it is not so simple to destroy a people who have maintained their culture and traditions for well over ten thousand years.

The work I produce is dedicated to my ancestors and to my descendants, to my people, and to all people, to encourage them and allow them to feel the pride within themselves that so many are actively working to destroy but will fail.

My work is dedicated to the “Warriors of Creation” to the many people who despite having been so violently oppressed and tortured throughout their lives still stand up and fight for the Mother and for her and all lives future.

They make me so proud, they bring us all so much honour, they are art, religion and beauty all rolled into one, to them I make a pledge to keep the light alive.

?úl-nú-msh-chálap S-kw’etu’?





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