Land/Water Defenders Needing Support!

Indigenous People, who are already struggling against colonialism, systematic disadvantages and poverty, are also being forced to find the energy, resources and support to protect their Ancestral Territories from destruction by corporations and governments.


Many People, not just Indigenous People, are very concerned about already existing environmental damage which has not been properly rectified as well as the vast potential for even more harm being done to land, water and air which we will be requiring for our survival.

If you are one of the growing number of Concerned People who wish to join in or support these efforts please feel free to check out the list I have compiled a list of links to Indigenous Land, Air and Water Defense Actions who are in need of support!


This action began several years ago in order to protect the Wet’suwet’en traditional Territories from gas and oil pipelines.

Lax U’u’la

The Lax’walams People are occupying and protecting Lax U’u’la Island in order to prevent Petronas from constructing an LNG Terminal there.

La Junta de los Rios

The Jumano, Apache and Conchos People are in need of support in order to protect the water from the Trans Peco Pipeline.

A Voice for the Voiceless Camp

A St’at’imc reoccupation of Junction Creek in order to prevent any further desecration of unceded and unsurrendered lands and waters.

Sabal Trail Resistance

The Seminole People need support resisting the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

Madii Lii

Madii Lii Territory and Waters are being protected from LNG Terminals.

Labrador Land Protectors

Labrador Land Protectors are attempting to protect their territories from the Nalcor Muskrat Falls hydro project!

Labrador Land Protectors Legal Expense Fund Raiser

Solidarity With Labrador

Info, events and calls to action in solidarity with all Inuit, Innu and Labradorians who are opposing the imminent poisoning of Labrador’s waters and food.

Stand with Kwantlen

Dedicated to protecting their unceded Traditional Lands and Water Ways from Pipeline along with other egregious environmental abuse.

Kwantlen Land/Water Defense Go Fund Me Page

RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs)

Raven’s mission is to raise legal defense funds to assist Indigenous Peoples who enforce their rights and title to protect their traditional territories.


This list of Land Water Defense Actions is by no means complete, other actions will be added when we find and confirm them. If you wish to add your or another People’s Land Water Defense Action to this list then please do so by leaving a message below!



4 thoughts on “Land/Water Defenders Needing Support!

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